How do I setup Trusted Locations if I'm using the Access Runtime?

Unfortunately, the Access Runtime does not provide the Access Options screen to establish Trusted Locations directly. To establish Trusted Locations using the Access Runtime, please refer to the steps below. 

  1. Using Windows Explorer, browse to the Catalyst directory. Note: The Catalyst directory for version 5.15 and later is C:\Program Files\Catalyst. For prior versions, the path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Catalyst. 

  2. Locate the CreateTrustedLocation_CatalystMFG.reg file in the Catalyst folder, right-click the file, and select Edit or Open with > Notepad from the shortcut menu to open the file in edit mode.

  3. Modify the registry path to match the Microsoft Access Runtime version installed on the client PC.  For example, if using the Access 2013 Runtime, change "16.0" to "15.0" in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER line. 

  4. Close and save changes made to the CreateTrustedLocation_CatalystMFG.reg file.

  5. Double-click the file to run and update the registry and establish the Catalyst folder as a Trusted Location. Note: You must be logged in as a system administrator to make registry changes.
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    Brian Dalton

    When entering the '(x86)' part to the path be sure to include a space between 'Program Files' and '(x86)'.  I found out the hard way that it won't work unless you enter the path exactly!

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