How do I migrate Catalyst to a new server?

For a SQL Server back-end database, you’ll need to setup and configure SQL Server on the new server in the same manner as done on the old server. Please refer to the SQL Server setup and configuration steps in the installation help topic for more details.

Since the activation code is based on the server name, a new activation code is typically required when moving the back-end database to a new server.

After configuring SQL Server, perform the steps below to move the back-end database from the old to the new server.

  1. Schedule system downtime or advise users of a time the system will be down for maintenance.
  2. Make a copy of the Catalyst back-end database on the old server and copy it to the new server. You can either unattach the database to make a copy of the mdf and ldf files or make a .bak backup of the database. If you make a backup copy of the database, you still either need to unattach the database or take the old server offline to prevent users from updating the database while you’re migrating to the new server.
  3. Attach the back-end database to SQL Server on the new server. If you’ve copied the mdf and ldf files, you’ll attach those to SQL Server. If you made a backup file, you’ll need to restore that as a Full Backup to the new server.
  4. On a client PC, create a new DSN connection to the Catalyst back-end database on the new server.
  5. On the same client PC, open Catalyst and relink to the back-end database on the new server using the DSN from the previous step  (Tools > Relink Company Database).
  6. Using the Product Registration Wizard, submit a new product registration to Catalyst Support.
  7. After receiving the new activation code, reopen Catalyst from the same client PC in step 4 and enter the new activation code into the Registration Wizard.
  8. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all other client PCs or advise users that system is available for use on the new server with instructions on how to create a new DSN and relink to the new server. 

Note: To minimize system downtime, the users may resume using Catalyst on the old server after the initial backup has been competed in step 2, but you will need to re-execute steps 2-3 to obtain a fresh backup copy after the new activation code is entered for the new server in step 7.


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