Problems loading, viewing, or printing the Indented View

The Microsoft XPS Viewer, which comes pre-installed on Windows 10, 8/8.1 and 7 machines, is used to display the indented bill-of-material and product route for an item on the Indented View page of the Product Configuration Master and Shop Order Master.  If this feature has been turned off for some reason, it can be turned back on by referring to the steps below. Administrator permissions are required.

1)  Open the Control Panel, click 'Programs', and then click 'Turn Windows features on or off'. 

2)  In the Windows Features dialog box, locate the 'XPS Services' and 'XPS Viewer' features as shown below. XPS Viewer is needed to view an XPS document and XPS Services are needed to print an XPS document with the Microsoft XPS Document Writer.  If either feature is unchecked, select the check box next to the feature and wait until the configuration process completes.

1) In Windows 10, enter the search phrase "Apps and features" in the Windows search bar. Select "Apps & features" System settings.


2) In the Apps & features Settings, click the Option features link.


3) At the bottom of the list, click XPS Viewer and click the Install button. If XPS Viewer is already installed, it will only show an Uninstall button. 


For more troubleshooting tips and advice on the subject, please refer to the help thread at


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