How do I add new users to my database?

Prior to creating new users, ensure that the Catalyst workgroup file is specified in the desktop shortcut and that the workgroup file has been moved to the server. For more details on these requirements, please refer to the Enable User-Level Security help topic. After confirming the workgroup file, refer to the steps below to create new user names.

  1. Select User and Group Accounts from the Security Maintenance group on the Tools tab.
  2. Click on the New button in the User pane.
  3. Enter a new user Name and Personal ID. The Personal ID is case sensitive and can be up to 20 characters. The Personal ID is required and is used to create a permanent security ID for the user. Keep a record of the personal ID you enter for each user in case you ever need to recreate the user.
  4. Click OK to create the new user.

The new user’s password will be blank the first time they open the database. A password can be established after opening the database by selecting Change Logon Password from the Tools tab.

To assign users to a group, refer to the Assign User to Groups help topic. Each new user is automatically added to the Users group. The Users group is mandatory i.e. a user cannot be removed from the Users group. As part of enabling user-level security, the Users group should be assigned read-only or deny access using Object-Level Security.

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