How do I upgrade from the Basic to Full Edition?

To upgrade from the Basic Edition to Full Edition, please contact Catalyst Manufacturing Sales to request an upgrade. The upgrade cost is the difference between the price you paid for the Basic Edition and the current cost of the Full Edition. After receiving the Full Edition setup files, you will need to uninstall the Basic Edition and install the Full Edition on the client machines.

If you are upgrading to the Full Edition with Microsoft Access back-end database, the back-end database on the server does not change (unless you are also upgrading versions). If you are upgrading to the Full Edition with SQL Server back-end database, you will need to import your data from the Microsoft Access back-end database to the SQL Server back-end database using the Catalyst Upgrade Wizard.

The activation code used for the Basic Edition will not work after upgrading to the Full Edition. Please submit a new product registration to confirm the registration information and request a new activation code. The new activation code will need to be entered at the time of upgrade.

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