Populating Data

The two main methods to populate Catalyst Manufacturing® with your company data are importing data from an external source and keying the data in manually. A pre-formatted spreadsheet is available to help you import data from another data source. To enter the data manually, please refer to the Data Management page of the Process Flow Charts (Help > Process Flow Charts) for a guide on the order in which the data needs to be loaded. When using the QuickBooks Links, you can import customer, vendor, item and other data from QuickBooks. To upgrade from a previous version of Catalyst, refer to the Refresh Data help topic to import data into the new version using the Catalyst Upgrade Wizard.  

The entering of customer orders, purchase orders, and shop orders will depend on how you want to initialize the system. Generally, you will want to load open customer orders and purchase orders and any shop orders needed to cover work-in-progress at the time of implementation cutover. You may also want to release some shop orders in anticipation of what you will need during the initial production period. It is recommended that you conduct a physical inventory using the Physical Inventory Control Board to enter opening balance transactions for all inventory items just prior to the implementation cutover date.

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